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  1. Carmeleen says:

    I’m interested in the upcoming lunar eclipse on Nov. 28. It will be in opposition to my natal moon at 7 degrees Sag as well as my 8th house cusp at 1 degree Sag. I’m quite concerned that this may be a predictor of my 87 yr old mother’s death…my father died suddenly two weeks after the solar eclipse on Nov. 22, 1984. My mom has been in failing health so it would not be come as a surprise.
    Thanks for any insight you might have.

    • Chaldaica says:

      Hi Carmeleen,

      While an eclipse contact to a relevant planet or point in the natal chart certainly can indicate death, one single factor like this by itself does not. There would have to be multiple indicators going on at around the same time to suggest an event like death.

      In the case of your father’s death, the solar eclipse of November 22, 1984 was bang on your 8th cusp, AND there was another solar eclipse earlier that same year (on May 30) that was two degrees away from being exactly conjunct your natal Moon in the 8th house…so there were two very strong eclipses suggesting the event, and also other activity relating to transits, progressions, planetary periods, etc. probably was indicating the same sort of outcome at that time.

      As for the upcoming November 28, 2012 eclipse, while I would consider it to be significant for its influence on your natal Moon, I would not say that it is in close enough orb to be considered significant for conjuncting your natal 8th house cusp. I personally allow a 5-degree orb for eclipse contacts.

      If this upcoming eclipse is indicating your mother’s future passing, more than likely, you will see other things going on in your chart besides the eclipse itself. Look at your transits to see if there is anything else that may be corroborating the eclipse’s suggestion. Transit-wise, have a look at any transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, or the Nodes themselves (especially conjunctions for the Nodes) to any of your natal 8th house planets, your natal 8th house lord(s), your natal 8th house cusp, your natal 4th house planets, your natal 4th cusp, your natal 4th house lord(s), your natal 11th house planets (the 11th house being 8th from the 4th house, it represents the mother’s death), your natal 11th lord(s), or your natal 11th cusp. Of course, the general signficator for your mother, the Moon, should be examined for transits as well. Also, any stellium appearing by transit in your natal 4th or 11th house should be examined as well.

      I hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and best wishes to you and yours…

      • Carmeleen says:

        Thank you so very much for your insights. I had not even considered the May 30 1984 solar eclipse vis a vis my father’s death., which would make sense since he was showing signs of his illness throughout the summer and fall prior to his death in mid-December.. But no one knew the significance of his symptoms which turned out to be an inoperable malignant brain tumor.

        I will look more carefully for other indicators as you suggest, but I do feel less concerned than I was.
        Thanks again, so very much.

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