The Slow Burn of a Solar Eclipse

There will be a partial solar eclipse on Friday, July 1, 2011. This celestial event will take place at approximately 4:54 am EDT. At that time, the Sun and the Moon will be exactly conjunct at 9 degrees and 12 minutes of Tropical Cancer (9 Cancer 12).

I have discussed the subject of how eclipses affect us before (see below for links to those posts), but in this post, I am going to focus on what it means when a solar eclipse conjuncts a specific planet or point in the astrological natal chart.

Like lunar eclipses, solar eclipses denote change, so whatever a solar eclipse touches in a natal chart – whether it be a planet, a house, an angle, or some other point – will experience change. Unlike lunar eclipses, the changes suggested by solar eclipses may be less apparent less quickly. Things unfold in a more subtle (yet still all-pervasive) way in the case of solar eclipses. The effects of a solar eclipse can be seen for up to one year after the solar eclipse occurs.

The more “quiet” initial manifestations of a solar eclipse can be attributed to the fact that a solar eclipse is but a super-powerful New Moon. At the onset of a New Moon, the Moon cannot be seen to be reflecting any light from the Sun, but with each passing night, the light of the Moon grows and grows until it becomes a Full Moon. At a psychological level, solar eclipses tend to act in just this way, beginning with less obviousness and growing more and more in our awareness as time goes by. I call this the “slow burn” effect because, like a fire that begins with the ignition of a tiny spark, the events denoted by a solar eclipse work on consciousness in a way that starts out in a small way but increases in importance over time.

So what happens in a person’s life when a solar eclipse conjuncts something in the natal chart (within a five-degree orb, where the transiting Moon is applying to that something in question)? Here are some (but by no means all!) of the possibilities:

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Ascendant, there will be growing personal awareness over the course of the following year. There may come to be a new way of being in the world, or there may come to be a new phase of existence in your life.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Descendant, there will be growing awareness of a Significant Other during the following year. There may come to be a new committed relationship or partnership of some kind, or the desire for such a set-up may become more and more evident in your mind.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Sun, there will be a growing awareness of your own unique personality and talents during the coming year. There may come to be a new way of seeing yourself, new expectations for your life as a whole, or a newfound sense of self-esteem and purpose in life.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Moon, there will be a growing awareness of your own emotional needs over the next year. There may come to be a new way of ensuring that your emotional needs are being met, or there may come to be a growing focus on matters pertaining to your mother or parenting in general.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Mercury, there will be a growing awareness of a new way of thinking about yourself, your life, or the world around you during the coming year. There may come to be the development of a new world view, or new plans (short-term or long-term). There may be a new emphasis on intellectual abilities or activities.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Venus, there will be a growing awareness of love, affection, beauty, money, and/or sociability in your life during the coming year. There may come to be a new approach to romance, artistic expression, financial matters, or leisure activities with friends.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Mars, there will be a growing awareness of new motivations and the need for new ways of doing things during the coming year. There may come to be a new desire to start something new, get in shape physically or otherwise, be more independent, or to be more proactive in your life.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Jupiter, there will be a growing awareness of blessings and bounty in your life during the coming year. There may come to be a new interest in expanding your horizons through study, travel, religious activities, or through interacting with others.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Saturn, there will be a growing awareness of the need for structure, limitation, and attending to responsibilities during the coming year. There may come to be new commitments and duties, a new resolve to eliminate problems, or a new work ethic.

When a solar eclipse applies to conjunct your Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, the effects may be even more subtle than they are with planets out through Saturn. The effect may be partially generational, since the outer planets work especially strongly on that level. For individuals, however, the effects will relate as much to the natures of these planets as to what these planets are indicating in individual natal charts. For example, one year, I had a solar eclipse on my natal Neptune; while it was a year during which I was overly idealistic (and subsequently was disillusioned), the specific situation that these things pertained to was more clearly described by Neptune’s house placement, aspects, and rulerships in my natal chart.

Questions? Comments? I love feedback, so please share your thoughts below…


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11 Responses to The Slow Burn of a Solar Eclipse

  1. MARK ALLEN says:

    I find your style of writing is elegant, precise, and suggestive in a manner which lets the reader imagine the particulars and details of what these transits represent symbolically, and to form pictures or themes relative to their own lives rather than listing a series of examples, say of celebrities, or past clients, which suits my personal temperament, perfectly. Even the example you gave of your personal experience wasn’t a laundry list of events or specifics about your life, but rather, I found it very suggestive of the process and it’s flavor and guiding me to look at the natal chart particulars to imagine how this transit might effect me personally BRILLIANT! Thanks so much.

    • Chaldaica says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad that my article has given you some good food for thought. As you know, astrological symbolism leaves much room for individual experiences, so I like to try and stay true to that idea in my delineations.

      Again, thanks for reading!

  2. Lin says:

    In looking ahead at future eclipses, I see that a solar eclipse on 12/3/2021 will be EXACTLY (to the degree) opposite my natal sun at 12 degrees Gemini in the 8th house(which is part of a t-square from Pluto/Uranus conjunct in Virgo in the 11th and Saturn/Moon tightly conjunct in Pisces in the 5th). This eclipse at 12 Sagittarius in the 2nd house is in the “empty” spot that would form a grand cross in my chart if a planet was located there. What do you make of this?

    • Chaldaica says:

      Hi Lin,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Please accept my apologies for the late response.

      Your attention to future astrological weather is commendable, but before I answer your question, I must point out two important things:

      1. It would be impossible to say with any certainty exactly what any given astrological configuration is symbolizing as far as future events are concerned. As you probably know, astrology represents possibilities through its symbolism, not definite outcomes.

      2. A good rule of thumb for astrological forecasting is to consider what’s going on in a person’s life in the time leading up to the astrological event. That way, you’ll be able to narrow down the possibilities by eliminating the unlikely developments. For instance, if there is an astrological event possibly symbolizing marriage (among other things) in someone’s chart, your forecast of wedding bells would probably be off the mark for someone who is already married (unless the person is a polygamist!). This would also be true for an elderly nun who took a vow of celibacy long ago. Now, would it be possible for an already married person or a elderly, celibate nun to get married under marriage-type astrological symbolism? Yes. But would it be probable? No.

      So, keeping these things in mind, it wouldn’t be possible to say much about exactly what the solar eclipse of Dec. 4, 2021, may represent for you. However, I did have a look at your probable chart (Jun. 2, 1964 at circa 4 p.m. EDT if born in that time zone of the United States), which I was able to draw up based on the details that you so kindly provided.

      There are a lot of moving parts that should be considered when trying to forecast events coming about in the wake of an eclipse, including the natal and progressed house positions of the eclipse; the tight aspects being made by the Sun/Moon to natal and progressed planets; and the tight aspects being made by other transiting planets to natal and progressed planets. For aspects, the very tight ones (within a one-degree orb) are the most important ones to consider in your interpretation.

      Looking at your probable chart, I see that the eclipse emphases are on the 2nd and 11th natal houses. (I’m not sure about the progressed houses because I wasn’t able to fix your natal Ascendant degree, which I presume to be in Libra. Also, in the interest of time, I won’t go into any transit-to-progressed contacts) Here are the transit-to-natal contacts in question (with tight orbs):

      -solar eclipse in the natal 2nd house
      -solar eclipse opposition natal Sun (11th lord)
      -solar eclipse square natal Pluto (2nd lord in the 11th house)
      -solar eclipse quincunx natal Jupiter (general significator of 2nd house, dispositor of solar eclipse)
      -transiting Uranus trine natal Pluto (2nd lord in the 11th house)
      -transiting Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter (general significator of 2nd house)
      -transiting Neptune sextile natal Mars (2nd co-lord)

      Other houses are also brought into this, but they aren’t as emphasized.

      What does all of this mean? Well, I can’t really say. But it does give us some strong hints regarding possibilities. The events will likely be related to 2nd and/or 11th house matters. Also, since solar eclipse effects play out over the course of the year, the time window is from 2021 to 2022.

      As the time window draws near, you should be able to get a better sense of possibilities based on your circumstances leading up to the eclipse.

      Regarding the grand cross, I wouldn’t be too concerned about that in relation to the eclipse because tight orbs don’t allow for the formation of that configuration.

      I hope this brief overview of how to analyze the eclipse will be helpful for you.

      • Lin says:

        Thank you so much for your very detailed reply, Chaldaica! I have been studying astrology for about 10 yrs. now & it really fascinates me. I appreciate all of the information you provided & the worries you were able to clear up for me regarding this future occurrance. In looking back over my 52 yrs. I’ve had other eclipses hit close but nothing to the exact degree like this one. I am a Libra ascendant as you figured (23 Libra) & we’ve had some close ones to my ascendant (24 Libra not too long ago) & things definitely did occur after it happened. Think that one was a lunar eclipse, not solar like the one coming up in 2021, though, so it didn’t effect me for a full yr., just a month or so right around the time of the eclipse. Being in my 2nd & affecting my 11th, I’m guessing it will have to do with my values/valuables & friendship/hopes/wishes & dreams. Being that Jupiter, Uranus & Pluto are all players, I would guess that I might have some type of big, transformational change either in fortune or in what I value/my lifelong dreams and this will maybe be due to a friend or some type of civic organization/community group? Now I’m kind of looking forward to it! Will watch & wait to see what happens and will let you know! Thanks, again! Lin

      • Chaldaica says:

        You’re welcome, Lin! I’m glad my reply was helpful to you. And yes, I believe you’re on the right track with the interpretation of the upcoming solar eclipse. It looks like it could indeed be a beneficial time for you.

        Best wishes, and thanks again for visiting my blog!

  3. Moonroe says:

    I will have the solar eclipse of august 21, 2017 conjunct my juno in leo in 10th house. Can you please tell me how it will shape up for me?

    • Chaldaica says:

      Dear Moonroe,

      Thanks for your question. If you’ve been reading other comments, you may have noticed that I’m rather tardy in responding to people. It seems that I only get questions when I’m very busy with other things! But I do apologize for the delay.

      It’s impossible to say exactly what this eclipse contact may end up symbolizing. With astrological forecasting, there are simply too many variables involved (such as other planets/points being contacted in the natal and/or progressed charts) for us to know with certainty what events will definitely occur. Indeed, sometimes, nothing much happens at all! But I can say a few things that I hope will be helpful for you as you ponder the possibilities.

      It’s important to remember that, generally, the tighter the orb, the stronger or more pronounced the effects would be. So if this solar eclipse is happening bang on your Juno (i.e., with a 0-degree orb), you would expect a more noticeable corresponding event than if the eclipse is farther away (e.g., with a more than three-degree orb).

      Also, if other planets/points are being contacted at the same time by this eclipse, then that will change the picture, too. Those effects should be taken into consideration as well.

      Now, as I explained in this article, solar eclipse contacts can indicate areas in which we may experience new and growing awareness. The result may be internal changes, external changes, or both. So, the interpretation process would be no different for a solar eclipse contact with natal Juno.

      As you may know, Juno is said to symbolize things having to do with marriage or the marriage partner. This has some validity, but my own research has revealed that the placement of Juno also can represent the areas in life where we want to be free to pursue what we want in our own unique way, even if that means doing something that others see as being odd or contrarian. In fact, Juno’s house position can show where we’re “doing our own thing” and where we’re different from what’s expected in relation to the group (and the group can be family, culture, the wider community, nationality, etc.).

      A solar eclipse on Juno in your 10th house could be symbolizing any number of possibilities. It could be that you’ll become more aware of the concept of marriage, especially as it relates to issues of status; this might or might not lead to the beginning or ending of an actual marriage, though. Another possibility is that you will start focusing on something in your career aspirations; you may feel inspired to make a change or stay the course, even in the face of setbacks. On the other hand, you might see something wonderful happening in the career sector. Other possibilities include thinking more about your parents or your own role as a parent; artistic pursuits (since Juno in the 10th specifically seems to have something to do with arts in one’s youth; I don’t know how old you are, so this may or may not apply to you now); and major life changes generally, especially those that change your social status (since the 10th house represents that, too). Again, these are all possibilities (not certainties).

      Also, please keep in mind that the effects of the solar eclipse contact generally last for a year.

      I hope this information is helpful to you. Thanks for visiting my blog!

      • Moonroe says:

        Thank you!
        You have explained everything in great depth. I can surely say, I learned more than I asked for.

        You will not be surprised when I tell you that I was heavily invested in arts in my childhood- something I learnt today about juno in leo! Infact, you have explained juno so well in such a short post and beyond the usual explainations offered by other astrologers.

        Now, I am old enough for my 1st saturn return and still torn between freedom and settling down. Hopefully, this eclipse will trigger something in this arena. I hope I am not wrong when I say this as my progressed MH is at 0 virgo and progressed jupiter at 29 taurus in 7th house.

        I also have to ask you- when you say other points and planets, does that mean aspects like sextiles, trines from an eclipse also count apart from conjunction? In that case, my natal saturn-uranus conjuction at 29-28 sagittarius and ASC-DESC at 0 scorp-taurus is also something I will look forward to.

        A big note of Thanks!

  4. Jorge Pontes says:

    Hello. I’ll feel a solar eclipse on my north node this August 21st… What might happen? What may I expect??? Thank you

    • Chaldaica says:

      Hi, Jorge.

      Thanks for your question. I do apologize for the tardy response.

      You would interpret this eclipse on your North Node based on what the sign, house, and aspects of your North Node mean in your particular chart. Generally speaking, the North Node is about striving towards new achievements, and solar eclipses are about new awarenesses growing in one’s life. So, the eclipse might symbolize the birth and growth of new goals regarding the significations of your North Node position.

      I hope this helps you to get an idea of what to expect.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, and take care!

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